Cynthia Blanc Preiss MacLean, affectionately known as La Reine Cynthia since the age of 16, embodies true beauty, elegance, and entrepreneurial spirit.

As a former beauty pageant queen, Cynthia graced stages with unparalleled elegance, poise, and charisma. Her reigns were not just about the crown but the celebration of feminine power and inner and outer beauty. Cynthia transitioned her success in pageantry into a thriving cosmetics empire, founding La Reine Cynthia—a brand committed to creating luxurious, high-quality beauty products with a focus on sophistication and style. Her brand is synonymous with classic elegance, quality, and inclusivity, highlighting feminine power.

As a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, elected official, philanthropist, widows' advocate, and businesswoman, Cynthia beautifully balances the roles that define her life, inspiring women to strive for success on their own terms.